Bought, designed and fabricated right in Tauranga, there are architecturally designed and styled shipping containers are popping up all over New Zealand. Cubular are to thank for this push forward in award winning residential and commercial container building for our country, the brainchild of Ingrid and Cameron Cotton. Established two years ago, and speciaifically looking to create something easy to build and yet easy to move, the latest offering is a a contemporary two bedroom ‘bach’ (a small or modest holiday or beach home if your not from here) based on two forty foot shipping containers. Originally requested to build a compact and transportable two bedroom, the designers set the container parralel to each other, for depth of space, keeping the interior contemporary. The floors are Blackbutt, an Australian eniginereed hardwood floor, and the ceiling a simple poplar plywood with recessed LED lighting. The containers also feature double glazing, insulation in ceiling, walls and floors and a heat pump for heating and cooling. 











The exterior heavily feature large louvres to control airflow, and big sliding doors, as well as an entire paint job – of classic Hempel matte black, specifically made for containers, which is accented by feature pillars of western red cedar. Adding to the pro list for these designers is their environmentally friendly way of thinking – they recycle wherever possible, and use local contractors to reduce carbon footprints. The best option for those who want to holiday in a different spot every year, or every month, the final point of difference is the price – this only cost $2700/square metre! What an absolutely gem in our backyard!

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