Shipping costs are worked out on a case by case basis. Although there are a few ‘calculators’ online that can give you rough estimates of shipping based on the container chosen, the final price will always vary, and it will be worked out based on a variety of things:

  • The final weight of the container, and all your belongings inside,
  • The area where you will be moving the container from,
  • The area you will be moving the container to.

It will also depend on these variables:

  • The freight forwarder chosen,
  • The tariffs of each country,
  • If customs have any additional investigating to do,
  • Any extra for insurance fees and any additional charges levied at the destination

Because of all these variables, it is most definitely in your best interest to use this as a starting point, write a checklist using the points mentioned and start collecting information based on your specific needs.