When you begin to design your own shipping container pool – the first thing to do is to decide if you want to do it yourself or employ an engineer and team to help you. By completing a pool yourself you can limit the possibilities or misunderstand requirements by councils and structural requirements of the containers; so it is preferred all design are at least checked over by an engineer.

Some ideas to take into consideration when you are designing your pool are:

Where the pool is to be located

Will the pool be in your backyard? How will you get the shipping container to the location – will a truck be able to deliver it, is there enough access for that? Or will you need a crane? This can add significant cost to the delivery of your container.

What reinforcement will you use on the container

Shipping containers are built from strong, durable steel but once you begin cutting them or filling them full of water they need to be reinforced so that the water doesn’t escape and the walls don’t buckle or bend. The type of container you choose will also come in handy – a New container will definitely be better to use than a Used container, just for the lack of possible dents or surface rust, to make your pool last long. This is where a structural engineer will be able to give you the best advice.

What insert will you be using

Often, shipping container pools come with a fiberglass insert, like a standard in ground pool. A fiberglass pool with generous steps and benches with a child safety ledge that runs around the perimeter starts from the deck and runs the full length of the shipping container is a great idea for those with kids. Another option – a much cheaper option but not as long lasting is to line the container with plastic.

Do you need stairs?

Most ready built shipping container pools have stairs and child safety door – you also have the option of having the stairs on either the left or right hand side or – deleting the stairs altogether. This allows you to completely design the stairs to suit your location.

What surrounds will you be using

Decking, tiling or nothing? The edges of the container will need to be finished off and using a deck can really finish off the pool, making it stylish. Affordability is the key here – the type you choose is directly related to your budget. Decking has durability and resistance to the toughest weather conditions make it a great, low maintenance alternative to conventional timber, which will save you significant time and money over time.

Pump and Electricity

Take the time to fully install the right pump into the Shipping Container with appropriate ventilation and connections. If you are doing a pool DIY, a local pool shop can help you with this and the water supplies you may also need.

Finishing Touches

Do you need: a pool cover? Heating?