Greymouth is located right in the centre of West Coast. It gets its name from sitting at the mouth of Grey River. The Tranzalpine train from Christchurch is one of the attractions that put this town on the map in New Zealand. The town is rich in culture and heritage and therefore thrills the visitors who come here. The 2-hour point Elizabeth Walk passes through these gold mines. Greymouth also has well known local breweries which are making waves in New Zealand. The Monteith’s beer is a favourite for many locals and visitors. The town is also one of the 1880s gold mining grounds in New Zealand whose history is well told at the local museum.

The town is referred to as the western terminus of the Midland line which is used to transport large coal trains to Christchurch. The coal is carried in shipping containers that range in sizes, material and designs. The primary containers being used in Greymouth are the high cube and general purpose containers. These containers must pass certain requirements to be able to ship this coal. Mostly, the container traders in Greymouth inform the clients about the specs of the shipping container before they buy them. The same case applies to customers who want to hire a shipping container.

greymouth New Zealand Shipping Containers

Shipping containers in Greymouth are used as storage units. They are suitable for storage in residential areas where families and individual keep their items. Accessories can be added to make it easy to access all corners of the container. The most commonly used type of shipping containers is the general purpose container which has adequate space and the right size. Businesses and companies are also hiring or buying shipping containers to store tools and relevant documents. It is therefore important to keep providing these services to the locals.

More and more companies are coming up that deal with modification and refurbishing of shipping containers. The most common modification done to shipping containers in Greymouth are the workspace and office setups. They are used for building makeshift offices. Doors and windows are also fitted fully to the height and width of the container so that one has easy access to it. The 20 ft and 40 ft high cube containers are mostly preferred due to the additional foot as compared to the general purpose containers.

Also, some few businesses in Greymouth use plant containers both for the contemporary modern and traditional purposes. Quite many companies and businesses in the area near the river, use plant containers as a way of improving their environment and company image.  Many people either buy a container with plants inside or buy an empty environmentally safe container. The plant containers are available in different colours, shapes, designs and sizes.

Lastly, experts in locking systems are taking advantage of this growing interest in container modifications in Greymouth. Many companies specialize in installing security locks for all sorts of containers. That said, Greymouth town is appreciating the growth of the shipping container industry and investing more in it.