So before we show you the various types of foundations you can use for your shipping container, let’s look at if you actually need a foundation.

In short, you will always need a foundation for your shipping container.

But why?

Primarily, the ground beneath us moves a considerable amount; it can rise, sink or slide. This movement is sporadic and is hardly noticeable but this slight movement will make a huge difference to the level of your container. A foundation will provide a solid stable platform so your containers don’t split and separate.

A solid, well built, foundation will ensure the weight is appropriately distributed throughout each corner of the container. It will also help prevent moisture and the corrosion as a result of this moisture. And finally, without a foundation, the doors on containers can be incredibly difficult to open and close, which isn’t ideal!

If you’re shipping container home is temporary and will only be left in a certain place for a few months then you don’t need significant foundations- railroad ties (also known as sleepers) will do.

Now take a look at some common foundation types which can be used for your shipping container home:

Concrete Slab

Shipping Container foundations

This is the most expensive option, and usually only needed for highly unstable ground, or permanent long-term structures. We recommend if a full concrete slab is required, that a professional team is hired to make sure the slab is correctly made and level – hence the extra cost.

Concrete Footings

Shipping Container foundations

Also known as concrete piers – if you’re looking at concrete footings, you first need to take into account how large they will be, the spacing required between each footing and the time until the container arrives – if you are getting the container quickly, there may not be enough time for the concrete to set properly and this would render it useless. Pay attention and be meticulous – all measurements should be triple checked – because unlike the wooden footing, they are near impossible to move.

Wooden Footings

Shipping Container foundations

The easiest foundation to put into place, and the most cost effective. Generally recommended as the cheapest and easiest foundation to shipping container buyers,  it requires the least amount of preparation time – as you can buy ‘Railway Sleepers’ from your local hardware store and using a level, simply put these into place where the container is needed. Remember to support the middle points on the long side of the container to provide extra stability. However if there are any issues in placement – it is much easier than concrete to move the sleepers to a new area