General purpose shipping containers are used for the transportation of all type of goods without any ISO Standards and restraints. They have been in operation since the beginning of the freight industry. Although there has been an evolution of the type of containers used for shipping goods, 20 ft general purpose containers in New Zealand remain the favourite for many. Like its counterpart the 10ft, this general purpose container is for those with a sense of creativity and fun. 20 ft general purpose shipping containers make transportation and storage easy and convenient.

Main features

The 20ft general purpose shipping container is 6m tall and 2.4 m wide. The container also has both inner and outer dimensions. It has a gross weight of 30480kg which makes it sturdier as compared to the 10ft general purpose container. Made of steel, this container is weather tight and therefore resistant to chemical changes caused by climate changes. Because of its weight, 20 ft general purpose shipping container is more suitable for carrying heavy loads and high-density cargo. It has a door opening of 2.3m by 2.2 m which allows passage of materials. It has very high-quality hinges, Tyne pockets and full corner posts. The flooring system is made of plywood which can be removed if you wish to construct a different flooring system. The most common accessories that come with general purpose containers in New Zealand are air conditioning, painting, whirl bird, electrical fit outs, vents, windows, insulators, security locks, shelves and finally doors. With the 20ft general purpose container, you get additional space compared to the 10ft counterpart for adding more accessories and making modifications.  To sum it up, 20 ft general purpose shipping containers are built to last, secure and robust.

General uses

The 20 ft general purpose containers can be new or used. If new, these containers are used for transportation though they have limited space. However, if the container is used, many people prefer converting it into a home. This is suitable for someone who doesn’t require a lot of space. They can also be used as gun safes, an archive & furniture storage, cafes, flammable goods storage and work sites.

Why a 20ft general purpose container is different

All general purpose containers in New Zealand are used for three main purposes which are as storage units, home and as work or recreational sites. Because of their 20ft height, these containers provide more space for these modified functions as compared to 10 ft general purpose shipping container. The difference lies in the availability of space.

Businesses that use them

Many companies are avoiding paying high office rents by either hiring or buying 20ft general purpose containers in New Zealand. Also, small enterprise real estate investors are partnering in converting general purpose containers to New Zealand to affordable housing schemes. Many start-ups, especially in the fashion industry, are selling their clothes from general purpose containers to reduce operational costs. Units of storage from many 20ft general purpose containers are used to store important files and documents.