When normal 40ft cube high shipping containers are customized with side-opening doors, they become unique containers that can handle normal loads as well as ultra sized cargo. However, such large shipping containers also have other uses.


General uses

  1. Transportation of bulky goods. Some goods, such as jet turbines, large engineering parts, boat engines, and oversized generators cannot fit in shipping container if the common double doors are used. 40 foot side-opening shipping containers provide an effective solution for such large cargo. With these larger doors, forklifts and other handling equipment gains easier access into the shipping container.
  2. Goods storage. The 40ft side-opening shipping container provides an ideal storage space. Because to they are the largest side opening shipping containers, their large capacity doors make access easier, they can be packed with bulky goods. Additionally, they when fitted with shelves, or ventilated, they can easily be turned into stores for non-perishable goods. Their strong construction makes them hard to break into thus secure.
  3. Retail shops and mobile food vendors. The large 40 foot side-opening shipping container is a favorite among retailers of small consumer items such as snacks, magazines and soft drinks. These large containers also serve the mobile food vending market where the large openings create unparalleled access for customers to get served. The large side doors can also be fitted with display shelves that customers can use to choose their food.

Why they are different

40ft side opening shipping containers open up from the side of the container, allowing for wider and easier access, with one whole side of the container opening outwards via two doors. Something that makes loading and unloading significantly easier. The large side doors come in handy if you’re stacking goods like boxed aircraft parts, large engineering spare parts, or bulky crates with a forklift.

Although the 40ft side-opening shipping container is the largest of its kind, it has some limitations with regards to extra ordinary sized cargo. Whilst a side loading shipping container is certainly advantageous, it does mean that more space is required for the doors to open on the side, which is a consideration you will need to take into account if you are limited for external space. If this is not an issue however, then the easier access makes a side opening shipping container a viable and useful option for much quicker loading and unloading.

Companies and people who use the 40ft side-opening shipping container

The main users of 40ft side-opening shipping containers are companies that deal with the logistics associated with extraordinary cargo such as aircraft parts, ship parts, large turbine parts, and engines. The long size of the containers and its side doors make access and transportation easier. Another group of people interested in the increased accessibility of such containers are food vendors and mobile restaurateurs. The large size of the containers provides more space for the catering service while its side door customization offers customers and the owners increased access to each other. With proper security and locks, 40ft side-opening shipping containers also serve as good storage space for awkward cargo.