The half-height shipping container is great for those who need to ship small items that the combined weight becomes extremely heavy. These containers are designed to be stackable in order to save space.

What is different about the half height shipping container?

This particular shipping container is for companies who have small but heavy items such as stone, gravel, or coal to ship. Easily stackable in order to save space, they also come in several types including an open top; these are a great choice if you are shipping something to an offshore rig.

What types of goods can you ship in the half height?

The type of goods you would normally use these for concentrates such as coal, stones, gravel, or other heavy weight items.

Since these half-height containers are smaller they keep the weight down to make them easier to load with cranes and transport via truck.

Who would use half-height shipping containers?

The mining industry would be a large user of half-height containers. Other industries would be stone and gravel aggregates, production industries which make small to medium steel parts for other products that would be heavy when put into shipping containers. These half-height containers are also used by offshore industries of drilling for oil and ocean mining.

What are the weight limits?

They have a cubic capacity of 16.5 m3 with a gross weight of 33,000 kg.

As long as your load of cargo is at 33,000 kg it can safely be loaded and shipped in a half-height container to its destination on trucks, trains, or cargo ships.

The half-height containers make it easy to stack on cargo ships, as well as, on trucks and trains the weight limit of the transport vehicle would not be exceeded.

These types of containers are constructed from steel; since they are stackable they need to be heavy duty. Also, steel resists punctures from sharp edges of coal, stone, gravel, and other hard items.

Recycle uses of half-height containers

The half-height containers can be recycled for uses of;

  • Storage for companies and individuals
  • Housing areas such as a laundry or storage area
  • Shipping Container Pools!


There are many industries and companies who use the half-height shipping containers to move concentrates such as coal, stone, sand, or gravel every day; while others use them to ship heavier small parts from one city to another or one country to another.

They can also be recycled for many uses including; storage for companies and individuals, smaller areas of living space such as laundry room, and other uses.