Moving all of your household items to another location can be a scary task. We start assessing how many possessions we own and have no idea how much we have or what size shipping container they will fit into.  First of all its a good idea to make a list of the things that definitely need to be moved, then make a list of the things that you might like to keep, and finally a list of the things you would definitely like to sell, recycle or giveaway. Sometimes it is easier to go through your house and colour code the actual items with post it notes.

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Items like mattresses and old unusable toys or furniture should not be taken to an Op Shop, but should be taken away via a council hard rubbish collection. Contact your local council to find out the rules in your area and booking times and arrangements that need to be made.

Here are some extra hints and tips to think about before you start moving!

  • Have ALL of your keys handy – label them all clearly and categorise them into zip lock bags – for the new house, the old house, car and miscellaneous. And don’t forget where you put the padlock key for your container!
  • Go through your house and look in any hidden spots or sections for valuable you may have placed (or lost) there. Eaves, high shelves, and the back of cupboards are all good places to look.
  • A contact list – written down, just in case your phone runs out of battery or isn’t handy, and essential numbers sheet will be highly useful. It’s a good idea to keep numbers for:
    • The real estate agent
    • The Self Pack Removals Company
    • Any packing assistants you’re using
    • Your insurance company (and your policy number)
    • And any phone, tablet or laptop chargers needed.
  • Remember to disconnect all utilities, (usually best done before the day of moving), and turn off the main power and gas if the house will be empty.
  • Cleaning items for the final time your in the house without furniture – a bucket with paper towel, clothes, brushed, bleach, floor cleaner and all purpose cleaner.