Nelson is located in the New Zealand’s South Island where it is known as a great outdoor environment. Most families enjoy this scenery close to every time of the year to enjoy the beautiful place in Nelson. The area is known for plenty of hiking, cruising, kayaking, and wine and beer. Nelson shipping containers are best suited and known to be storage containers for individual businesses and companies. Nelson shipping containers are secure and are the best in the market. The containers are in different sizes namely 10, 20 and size 40. It is also worth noting that these containers can be modified to different sizes and shapes depending on the kind of work that one has. Nelson shipping containers have some of the following features that make them some of the best containers that one can buy:

  • They contain a security lock box.
  • They are fully ventilated on both sides.
  • They have locking handles for easy opening of the doors.
  • They also have emergency exit doors in the event of an emergency.
nelson New Zealand Shipping Containers


These containers are of a very high quality and that is why they can serve any kind of purpose that one can turn them into. They are also strong and secure and can be used for office purposes; they can also be used businesses such as carpentry and studio work.

The area hosts some of the best businesses with a majority acquiring the containers for their official functions.

The containers are sometimes modified for certain specifications such as storing and turning them into refrigerators for heavy storage of items that need to be stored safely in refrigerators of high density.


Nelson shipping containers can be modified to suit the need of the consumer or meet the demand of the consumer. There are some that are modified into electric powered refrigerated containers that can store all the goods that are perishable and liquids that are dangerous. Goods that require constant monitoring of the temperature can be stored in such containers and closely monitored and the temperature controlled.

The containers can also be modified in different shapes and sizes especially for those that want to improvise a temporary house where they can stay.

These modifications can also be made for performing artists who are tired of performing at the theatres and can be used by the artists to perform especially around the area since a majority of the people visit the area.

Nelson shipping containers can also be modified to fit into a modern day and state of the art studio. With proper ventilations and proper wiring is done in the containers, the place can be designed into a state of the art studio where recording can be done or it can be turned into a photo studio.

These containers are the best for individual businesses and also best for large businesses that would want to operate in such circumstances and it is important to know that many businesses in the area have resorted to buying the containers and turning them into their offices.