Known for their resilience, general purpose containers are highly utilized in transportation and storage. They carry any goods that do not have restraints or any standards for shipping. The 40 ft general purpose shipping containers in New Zealand are widely used to help transport cargo items by land and sea. Besides, they are capable of handling your long-term transportation needs and storage. Grade A and B are the most popular general purpose containers in New Zealand. 40ft general purpose shipping containers provide protection and safety for the goods transported or stored.

Main features

40 ft general purpose shipping containers have a capacity of 67.6 cubic metres of space which makes them more sought after than the other two. They are 12 m in length and 2.4 m wide with both internal & external dimensions. The 40 ft general purpose shipping containers have a capacity to carry up to 32,500kg. They are made of corten steel which makes them resistant to drastic changes in weather. They are also fitted with full corner posts that are ideal for relocation operations. The flooring system is made up of plywood which can be redone. Because of its space, the common modifications are office blocks and accommodation units. The 40 ft general purpose shipping containers are built to last and can withstand anything. They are reusable for any project without needing much refurbishment.

General uses

These containers are also used as cafes, gun safes, archive& furniture storage, garden sheds and work site warehouses. Depending on the intended purpose of the container, your customisation can be as small as security box or shelving or as massive as a bathroom.  They are used for storage of home items that are not in use. They are also used to move commercial goods from place to place for companies and businesses. The 40 ft general purpose shipping containers are widely utilized for building affordable and luxurious homes in New Zealand. The accessories that accompany the 40 ft general purpose containers when building homes include:

  • Whirly bird is a ventilation system fitted where electrical or air conditioning system is absent
  • Windows can be installed on the container along with security bars and wire meshes
  • Shelves can be fitted to the wall of the container
  • Air conditioning system can be installed to ensure maximum comfort
  • Vents can be mounted on the wall of your container to increase air flow
  • Security locks and boxes for privacy and safety

Why 40f t general purpose container is different

The 40ft general purpose container offers a bigger storage and shipping space as compared to the 10ft and 20 ft general purpose containers. Because of this, these 40 ft shipping containers are used for relocation.

Business that use them

Most of the businesses that export or import products, use the 40 ft general purpose containers. Because they are built to last, many port operation and shipment companies buy or hire them to move various goods.