Shipping containers come in numerous designs but the majority of them are dry storage containers which are used to carry general freight. They are those containers that are utilized for the transport of cargo overseas constructed in standardized sizes designed to accommodate general cargo. They can come in general purpose or high cube height, and they also come in the form of dangerous goods containers as well as dry storage.


10ft Shipping Containers are manufactured in two different ways – either by obtaining and cutting down a 20ft container (classified as a Refurbished, or 2 Post 10ft Container), or made in the factory (known as a Brand New, or 4 Post 10ft Container). When a container has come straight from the factory it is called a 4 Post container as it will have been made with the standard 4 corner casts, and 4 forklift pockets, so there are no issues moving it around or stacking them on top of each other; and is therefore available for mobile storage.

Another common practice is to create a 10ft container is to cut a 20ft container in half, and using a sheet of steel to weld onto the open end. These containers consequently only have 2 corner posts, so have no lifting points, and cannot be stacked on top of each other – they also then don’t have forklift pockets, so are really only useful for static storage.

Creating 10ft Shipping Containers

The above photos show a 20ft Dangerous Goods Shipping Container that has been marked to be cut down into two 10ft Containers. Although some containers may come modified, some are not. It is important to remember that the walls and roof of shipping containers contribute to the structural condition of the container and how it is built, so it is of importance to have any container modifications approved by a structural engineer before cutting anything.

10ft Shipping Container Dimensions

Shipping Container dimensions