North Harbour, a suburb of Auckland in New Zealand has seen tremendous growth over the past few decades. The economic development of the town has drawn a lot of interest from locals to invest in cheaper yet durable shipping containers for various purposes. If you are in need of the best shipping container solutions, this should be the place to turn to for the best products that will satisfy your needs. With a number of shipping container dealers, you will get your shipping container with any kind of specifications and modifications you want.

north harbour New Zealand Shipping Containers

Available shipping containers

There are actually many different types of containers based on the purpose they are intended for. With your specific needs in mind, North Harbour will absolutely surprise you with what is available.

Special containers-These are specific containers that you can use for your specific purposes. Available special shipping containers include the side opening, open top, double door containers and those with four opening doors on the side walls.

Dangerous goods containers are also available for use in case of storage of dangerous or hazardous goods such as oil and flammable products by clients.

Refrigerated containers are meant for storage of perishable goods that need to be maintained in their form before consumption.

Modifications on the shipping containers

Shipping container dealers in North Harbour offer to make the necessary modifications on the containers such that they can serve the purpose they are meant for. This opens room for you to get a shipping container with the exact features that you want. Some of the common modifications you can consider include;

  • Adding roller doors for easy access
  • Adding extra doors on the side walls
  • Including windows and shutters on the container
  • Installing refrigeration system in the container
  • Adding ventilations
  • Building shelves
  • Adjusting the height and length of the containers to perfectly fit on the spaces where they will be used
  • Adding lock boxes on doors to improve on the security of the containers and many more

These modifications are the features that have led to the various inventions on the use of shipping containers across New Zealand. Getting in touch with the dealers will guarantee the best modifications that will make the shipping containers serve the purposes you are getting them for. Due to these modifications, shipping containers are today used as;

  • Retail kiosks with shelves and necessary partitions
  • Accommodation units for campers
  • Storage units for construction materials
  • Site offices with the necessary features
  • Storage for dangerous products

Walking through North Harbour, you will be amazed by how the entire town has been transformed using shipping containers used in construction of restaurants, cafes and boutiques with a state of the art designs that are appealing to the eye.

For the right shipping containers, personalized for your specific needs, simply get in touch with the container dealers and you will get exactly what will serve your unique needs. No matter the intention you want the shipping containers for, North Harbour is the ultimate shipping container base you can’t miss what you really want.