Blenheim is a well-known area in New Zealand as an area that is rich in wine due to the sunny climate of the area. The area is known to be very beautiful since it attracts a lot of people especially those that love to tour the area.

One advantage about Blenheim shipping containers is the fact that they can be customised to fit the choice and preference of the person. Most people are always stuck with the kind of storage facility that they can go for but these shipping containers are the best that one can decide to buy.

One of the largest activities that is known to take place in the area is horticulture. However, most of the locals have also diversified into other farming activities in the area hence it is important for the people to have containers that can be their storage facilities.

The containers have helped a lot of farmers who have been involved in the horticultural industry especially with the storage of items such as flowers. The area is known to have such strong winds hence the need to have containers that not only protect against rains but also wind free.

blenheim New Zealand Shipping Containers


  • Due to the strong winds in the area, the containers are insulated
  • The containers are durable.
  • They have roll-up doors and locks.
  • They have lockable windows fitted in them
  • Waterproof seals.


The quality of a container is what most people look for and these containers are of high quality and that is why most farmers prefer them for their storage of their horticultural crops.

These containers are known to be very strong and durable and this makes them lastlonger and is very reliable. Due to their nature, some of the locals have used these containers for business purposes while others have used the containers to store some of their perishable commodities such as flowers.

The containers also provide good spacing and can be transported from one are to another due to their weight.

The containers are used for business

Blenheim shipping containers are also used for business as some have customised the containers to their tastes and preferences such that they can freely operate in them.

Others have also made them their offices where they operate their businesses from while the containers have also acted as temporary homes for certain people especially those that love living a simple life.

The containers have also acted as a site where people can visit since they are well painted and nice to the eye. The area has acted as a business hub for most of the locals with the flower business booming in the area and the containers acting as a safe storage facility.

Blenheim shipping containers can also withstand a lot of pressure from the wind and that is also one of the reasons why they are used by the locals in the area. Most of the containers are rust free hence the commodities are free from any kind of combustion that could eventually affect the items.