Bombay is an area of hills just south of Auckland; settled in the early1900s by an Indian population who was brought there by a ship from India.

Since the area has become a place where you can hike and explore beaches, waterfalls, lakes, and more. Bombay, being in the hills, would be an ideal place to employ shipping container accommodations for tourists or private homes.

By using recycled shipping containers with modifications made on them for housing space can be saved in order to leave less of a carbon footprint and preserve the natural beauty of the area.

bombay New Zealand Shipping Containers

Shipping container buildings

Other ways to use shipping container buildings is to make a café, medical clinic, bar, or many other businesses that would benefit the area. When deployed correctly most people will not realize the structure is a recycled shipping container.

Other uses could be a mobile theater, storage, hydroponic garden, water for farm animals, and even a public swimming pool. They could also be set up for bathrooms in public areas such as parks. Also, reused containers are a great way to add on to accommodations during the peak time of the year and then removing the addition when it is no longer in need.

Shipping container sales and hire

There are several companies from which you can buy or hire a shipping container and have them modify it to your needs. Refurbished containers by themselves without modification for living such as plumbing and electric are not very expensive.  However, by the time you figure in the modification, the foundation, etc. it can become more costly.

However, that cost needs to be compared to the value of low maintenance, less frequent break-ins, and structural stability from high winds and damaging rains; especially since the weather changes so frequently in Bombay.

Container fallout shelter

Living in the hills of Bombay, shipping containers could make a good shelter for natural disasters when placed into the side of the mountain or underground. Yes, there would be the need to make sure that ventilation of air, lights for growing vegetables and to see with, etc. is completed. They work especially well for storage of freeze dried foods, water, blankets, medical items such as over the counter drugs, and other needs that might arise.

They are:

  • Less easy to break into
  • Structurally sound and safe
  • Saves on space

Shipping of goods

Of course, the shipping containers can transport goods like stone and other goods from the mountain area into the valleys and cities for sale or loaded onto a cargo ship to be transported to other countries. Bombay, like many other areas, can benefit from recycled shipping containers in a variety of ways.