Cromwell is one of the major towns in Central Otago in New Zealand. It is for this central positioning that the town serves as a crucial base for shipping containers that are headed for Arrowtown, Wanaka, Clyde, Alexandria and Queenstown.

There are many container dealers in the town and over time, come to be known the container centre where you can get absolutely any type of container you want with the specific modifications you need considered.

cromwell New Zealand Shipping Containers

Types of containers you can get

In this location, the variety of containers will confuse you but if you know exactly what you want, then there would be no problem at all. Examples of the containers you can go for include;

  • Special containers that include the side opening containers, open top containers, containers with four opening doors on the side walls and double door containers among others.
  • Refrigerated containers that are meant to store and transport perishable products
  • Dangerous goods containers- these are meant to store and transport only the hazardous products such as oil, liquids and flammables among others.

Container modifications

In order to get the shipping containers that are specifically meant for a certain purpose, then small modifications are inevitable. These are usually made to guarantee that you get the best out of what you will buy the container for.

Considering the specific needs you want the container for, you may decide to request for such modifications as adding extra doors on the side walls, adding roller doors for faster and easy access, including windows and shutters on the container, adding ventilations, building shelves and benches in the container, increasing the height and length or reducing both and adding lock boxes on the doors to enhance security of your stored products.

Specific uses of shipping containers

Over time, invention has been on the rise and the case is no different when it comes to shipping containers. The containers today are used for a number of reasons as deemed fit by the user. It is just a matter of communicating with your shipping containers company and they will be able to deliver you the personalized container for your specific needs. Some of the common uses today around Cromwell include;

  • Storage of hazardous products and goods
  • Used as site offices in construction places and much more
  • Serve as retail kiosks by partitioning and shelving the inside
  • Accommodation units and many more

Containers today are considered as the cheapest yet most effective construction materials across New Zealand and the entire world. Walking through several towns, you will see the containers designed into restaurants or cafes, boutiques and business offices. Stacking them on top of each makes it even better with unique designs and styles lighting up the towns.

If you are in need of such shipping containers, you simply need to find the right supplier and you will be able to work with them to deliver you exactly the type of container that you need for your needs. It doesn’t matter what you really want with the containers, the options are just way too many to miss what will satisfy your needs.