The 40ft high cube shipping container is the most common shipping container in the Australian and New Zealand maritime transportation industry. Apart from being the standardized containers shipping companies use in global transportation, these containers have several other uses.

The general uses of 40ft high cube shipping containers

  1. Cold rooms. 40ft containers, with a few modifications, can be converted into cold rooms for storing perishable items. These cold rooms can be used at fixed locations or placed on flatbed trucks for goods transportation. These kinds of cold rooms can either be powered by fossil fuels or plugged into a wall outlet.
  2. Goods storage. These containers, due to their large capacity, are fitted with shelves, ventilated and easily turned into stores for non-perishable goods. Their strong construction makes them hard to break into thus secure.
  3. On-site Office Spaces. When offices are required on-site, 40ft shipping containers provide an easy yet affordable solution. Their larger size also makes it possible to split them into several rooms, all of which can be used by different people.
  4. Ablution units. 40ft containers are converted into ablution blocks to provide hygienic sanitation in remote locations or on-site. Because these ablution blocks are essentially shipping containers, transporting them to different locations becomes very easy.
  5. With just a few modifications, a 40ft shipping container can be converted into a small house. It provides affordable housing and reduces construction time significantly. Combining these shipping containers by stacking or flush-wielding several makes large living spaces that can be adjusted according to the homeowners’ taste and style.

Why they are different

The 40ft high cube shipping container is the most common shipping container in the world. This alone makes it different from other shipping containers and also increases its applications outside of maritime transport. This is the most common container type used in international shipping. With a huge 76.2m3 of available storage space, including extra 305mm extra headroom this container is one of the largest standard containers available on the market. When new and straight from the factory, these containers include full corner posts and ‘tyne’ pockets designed for easy transport. However, even used 40 ft high cube containers manufactured for bulky items make great modification containers usable in many applications.

People or businesses that use 40ft high cube shipping containers

The most common uses of such shipping containers is in the accommodation industry where they are modified and repurposed as housing. After the infamous New Zealand earthquake in 2011, the 40ft high cube shipping container was used by many business owners seeking a temporary shelter for their operations before rebuilding could commence.

Another group that finds the 40ft high cube shipping container useful is storage companies. Due to the large spaces inside the container, it can be subdivided or fitted with shelves to form adequate storage for a wide variety of goods and substances. With the addition of ventilation, these containers can provide secure, long-lasting storage for customers seeking storage solutions outside the traditional warehouse market.