Getting the right size of a shipping container is always a guarantee that your shipment will reach the destination in one piece. Pallets have three main varieties which are the EUR Pallet, the Standard pallet and the New Zealand Standard pallet. Each pallet system has various sizes. That said, a standard international shipping container will not fit the two standard New Zealand pallets. As a result, there are set standards applied when making pallet wide containers in New Zealand. These standards have been operational since the 1950s and are ISO certified. The Standard New Zealand Pallets are 1165mm by 1165 mm in size which makes them very ‘stackable’.

A pallet wide container in New Zealand is very accessible with several companies delivering the container to their clients within 24 hours after purchase order. Pallet wide containers in New Zealand are available at 20 feet, 40 feet and 45 feet. The 20 feet container can carry up to 10 standard pallets while the 40 feet container can carry up to 21 standard pallets. Depending on what benefits you want, the 40 feet pallet wide container comes with modifications.

The pallet wide shipping containers are well built to international standards and are vandal resistant. They also have vents on each side to ensure proper ventilation. Depending on the company you buy a pallet wide shipping container, modifications can be made to maximize the space available.

General uses

A pallet wide container can be made from different materials. However, in the shipping industry, pallet wide containers are made to fit client needs. Many warehouses enjoy the benefit of a pallet wide container which saves them a lot of damage costs and makes work easier.  To this end, pallet wide containers in Australia have been used for shipping and storage of goods in pallets.  Pallet wide containers in New Zealand are also used for short sea trips. Lifting, storing and stacking of these containers become very easy by using forklifts.

Why Pallet Wide shipping containers are different

With two inches extra as compared to a standard international container, pallet wide containers are making a wave across the country. These additional two inches on the width of the pallet wide container allows you to have an option of a two-sided pallet. A two pallet side by side saves you the effort which makes the pallet wide containers in New Zealand stand out.

Businesses that use pallet wide shipping container

Any business has two options; to buy or to hire pallet wide shipping containers. They are widely used in the cruise ship businesses. Delicate goods such as foodstuff are secured in pallets which can be two sided or four sided pallet. Several factors have to be considered before buying or hiring a pallet wide shipping container. Ultimately, the type of goods to be carried will determine if you need to use a pallet wide shipping container.