Timaru is located between Christchurch and Dunedin. It is the second largest city in Canterbury with a population of approximately 28, 800 living in the urban area. One of the most recreational spots in Timaru is the Caroline Bay beach. It has botanic gardens that offer pleasant walks surrounded by a landscaped piazza. Timaru has been in the headlines a couple of times concerning the beautiful whaling relics and moa hunter artefacts. The establishment of European settlement in Timaru brought about significant changes in the freight industry in Timaru. The presence of the South Island Main Trunk Railway enhances the transportation of shipping containers.

timaru New Zealand Shipping Containers

Port Timaru is a throughway for all the other surrounding ports in cities like Carterton, Whakatane and Tanaraki.  A lot of resources have been directed towards the development of the only deep source port on the shores of New Zealand. Many investors and business people have appreciated this gesture because it makes the port more capable and accessible internationally. Timaru exports a lot of products via sea which involves the use of both the tank shipping containers and standard containers. There are many companies and businesses in Timaru dealing with exportation of cars and car parts. The new or used car parts are transported in car carrier containers to other countries.

The most dominant use of shipping containers in Timaru is for self-storage. Whether you are looking to free your car garage or just to store your personal/business files, many container traders are offering this service. Self-storage in Timaru is important regarding security. The units are electronically controlled with 24/7.  Self-storage units are also popular in Timaru because they provide unlimited access. In addition to being secure and accessible, these units are usually located in convenient places. Because of this, shipping containers in Timaru are mostly used for this purpose. Besides, they are available in a range of sizes. What’s more, you can choose between buying a new or used shipping container.

The business of modification and refurbishment of shipping containers in Timaru is thriving. This is because there is a demand for these services in Timaru. Different sizes of the container such as the 10ft,20ft,40ft and 45ft are being cut, extended and converted into cafes, gun safes, archive and furniture storage.

Container homes are also common in Timaru. As a result, more and more people in this area buy these used shipping containers and convert them into homes. Some people of this region have built beautiful and classic homes by using shipping containers. It only depends on the budget and the style of the individual.  Another use of shipping containers in Timaru is for relocation purposes.  This city is a destination for investors, and hence there is a lot of immigration. Shipping containers are used to move items of the individual from one place to another. This can be from New Zealand or a different country, with the latter occurring more often. The new policy in New Zealand is hoped to bring more business into Timaru shipping industry.