When thinking about moving a container, several things must be planned out. The first thing to consider is how you plan to move your container: by relocation service, local trucking company, or yourself. Once you have that decided, you must prepare the container for transport.

The biggest job, aside from making sure the move will be in compliance with applicable laws, is preparing the container for transport. Everything in the container must be moved and packed in a way that it doesn’t shift or become damaged during transit. To reduce the amount of effort required to prepare a container for transport, you can permanently secure desks, storage, and shelving by bolting to the floor and/or walls of the container.

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Here you will find a breakdown of the common types of trucks used to deliver containers, so you can find which will suit you best.

Site Access

A quick rundown on the ways to make sure your site access is appropriate for container delivery.

Site Preparation

Make sure your site is prepared for a container delivery – from foundation to all other details!


All the extra information you will need to know about delivering a shipping container.

Relocation Services – The shipping container company you purchased your container from is often likely provides this service. The main things you need to know ahead of time are pickup location, date, and time, and the delivery location, date, and time. The relocation service will take care of the rest. Check out all these details and more at our Self Pack tab on the menu!


When transporting your container, check to see who can move it for you. If the price is right, let them do it. If you decide to move it yourself, make sure that you know all of the laws and regulations that may apply. When transporting Hazardous Materials or over-dimensional loads, there are a lot of special rules, licensing requirements, and limitations on what you can move, how you can move it, and when you can move it. In short, unless you have a lot of commercial transportation experience, you may want to just leave transporting your container to the pros.

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