Dargaville is a town located on the Northern Wairoa River situated in the Northland region of NZ. Dargaville was named after Joseph Dargaville, an Australian merchant, who in 1872 purchased the 80-ha Tunatahi block from the Ngāpuhi chief.

The community thrived on timber and gum industries until around 1920, at which time the area became a large farming area with the population growing steadily until about 1960 when it evened out.

dargaville New Zealand Shipping Containers

Dargaville New Zealand attractions

Today Dargaville has many attractions to offer visitors. Some of the things that visitors can see and do are;

  • Anzac theater –just one of many theaters to see
  • Museums
  • Shopping –The Warehouse Department Store is just one place to shop
  • Nature Sanctuary
  • Cycling
  • Camping
  • Hokianga Harbour –historic site
  • Restaurants –plenty of food choices
  • Lakes

The list above is just some of the things that Dargaville has to offer its visitors today.

Real estate

If you decide to move to Dargaville, there are plenty of places available for sale. While some have existing homes, there are also land lots that you can purchase to build on.

How can shipping container alterations help Dargaville?

Speaking of building homes or businesses on lots that are purchased, you can benefit from shipping container alterations. Shipping containers can be modified to become housing, retail, workshops, storage, even theater venues.

Some of those alterations are;

Exterior alterations

  • Windows, doors, awnings, and paint that fits into the already existing neighborhood.
  • Storage units with similar alterations doors, windows, and paint theme can fit in without being obnoxious.
  • Housing alterations of doors and windows that would be found in residential homes, paint colors that fit in with the neighborhood.
  • Restaurants and bars again, commercial doors, windows, and awnings

Interior alterations

  • Commercial properties would need walls placed in specific areas in accordance with the owner and what type of business they would be running, commercial bathrooms for the public, electricity, refrigeration if needed, utility closets and storage, heating and air conditions to name a few.
  • Housing units would need the same as far as walls, bathroom, kitchen, linen/laundry room, closet, heating and air condition according the owner’s speciation’s; 1 or more bedrooms, 1 or more bathrooms, the total number of rooms wanted.

Hiring a good container contractor

When you hire a contractor to do the modifications to a container to turn it into a home, business, or storage facility you need to look for several things;

  • Are they licensed?
  • How many have they done?
  • Do they have a good reputation in the business?
  • Are there any lawsuits or investigations against them?
  • Talk to past customers to get their opinion.
  • Get a quote and make sure exactly what is included in that quote
  • Do they do the work or subcontract it?

Dargaville NZ has a lot to offer to visitors as well as to those who choose to move there. Those who live there and decide they wish to move to a different area can also consider taking advantage of container home or office space.