The difference between 10ft and 20ft dangerous goods shipping containers is 10ft more space for storing class 3 hazard materials or goods. In the world today, shipping containers have been embraced by a large number of industries who see the need of using such containers to store or even ship their goods to other destinations. Most businesses in Australia have not been left behind since a majority of them have joined the band and are safely using the containers for transportation of their goods.

A lot of concerns have been raised over the past years on how to ship dangerous goods but thanks to the 20ft dangerous goods shipping containers that are available in the Australian market today. Dangerous goods shipping containers aresimilar to the standard containers but the difference that they have is that they offer security and safety plus extra technology that the other containers do not offer.

These containers have been made to carry very high toxic material that if not handled well can cause a lot of damage in an area or at the post area. With the 20ft dangerous goods shipping containers, you are guaranteed of the safety of the items or goods, the staff that is transporting the material and the safety of the area.

Toxic and Flammable materials

The 20ft dangerous goods shipping containers are ideal for storing and shipping highly toxic material such as gas cylinders, flammable liquids and substances that are corrosive. With such materials that are very dangerous, you need to have such a container for all the services that you need.

Some of the unique features about these containers are that they are tough, waterproof and vermin-proof. This is essential because your goods are safe when they are being transported and when they stored. As a company, your confidence will be boosted to know that these containers are safe and the people are safe from the material that is being transported.


Some of the features of the 20ft dangerous goods shipping containers include:-

  • It has a tap in case there is a spill
  • Good ventilations
  • The capacity is 3000litres for 20ft
  • Has an emergency exit door

When doing your transportation, you need to be assured that the container you are using meets the standards of the market because one of the most fundamental things is safety for everyone that is on board and the safety for the environment.

The 20ft dangerous goods shipping containers are the most advanced and sophisticated in the market due to the technology that they use. This makes them be unique and have top notch features.

Good Quality

It is important to look for good quality containers for your shipping and storage. The 20ft dangerous goods shipping containers should be those that will provide protection for the goods or materials that you are shipping or the materials that you are storing.

Ensure that you get a good team that understands how to work with the containers and also how to handle flammable materials.