Home to the most dominant Maori tribe, Whakatane is known for being the cultural hub of the Costal Bay of Plenty. It is the only active volcano in New Zealand. The town is located at the mouth of the Whakatane River making it very accessible. It is casually referred to as the sunshine of the New Zealand with the 24th largest urban population. Whakatane is also known for its tourist attraction sites and picturesque resorts such as the KG Kayaks, White Island, Dolphin and sea encounters, Mataatua Wharenui, Ohope Beach and plenty of forests. Also, the Whakatane River is known for having the best quality of water in New Zealand.

whakatane New Zealand Shipping Containers

The establishment of the European settlements in 1880 made this town a shipbuilding and notable trade centre. Not only had that but the people of Whakatane also made shipping containers which were used for import and export purposes. For a long period, shipping containers were strictly used for these purposes. It was after the emergence of other economically viable opportunities that the people of Whakatane started to modify shipping containers to suit their purpose.  These opportunities the locals with the creativity needed to draw up real solutions.

The shipping containers in Whakatane are also being used for businesses storage. Businesses and companies are hiring or buying shipping containers to store tools and relevant documents. It is therefore important to keep providing these services to the locals. The most commonly used type of shipping containers is a general purpose which has adequate space and the right size. The other factors considered when choosing a business storage container is the company image and the type of container. These two factors should form the basis of choosing a certain color, size and material of a container.

Shipping containers are not only used for business storage but also for self-storage units. Once one settles on the design, material and size of the shipping container, the container is shipped to their location. The cost of dispatch solely depends on the container-trader you buy or hire a container from. On top of that, Hiab services are also offered to make the transportation of your container easier. These services include carrying and lifting of the shipping containers to their preserved location and also unloading them.

As mentioned above, the Whakatane River has good water quality with a pH of 7.6. This pH makes the water smooth and tasty at the same time. Many water companies in the area capitalized on this unique feature to produce bottled water for both the locals and New Zealand as a whole. The result is that many more surrounding nations want to have a taste of this water, therefore, raising the demand. This situation has led to competitive companies to start exporting bottled water every day in approximately 80 shipping containers. The locals of Whakatane town are ripping benefits of this and much more investments into their area. It has also increased the employment rate which was partly dominated by tourism-related activities. Whakatane also export dairy products, beef products and chocolates to places like China.