The 20ft side-opening shipping container is a specially modified shipping container with a side door rather than the common double-doors at the back. Most of these shipping containers are made by customizing normal 20ft shipping container to individual customer specifications. However, the side-opening functionality makes these containers useful in other ways.


  1. Goods storage. The 20ft side-opening shipping container provides an ideal storage space. Because to their large capacity doors that make access easier, they can be packed with bulky goods. Additionally, they when fitted with shelves, or ventilated, they can easily be turned into stores for non-perishable goods. Their strong construction makes them hard to break into thus secure.
  2. On-site Office Spaces. When offices are required on-site, 20ft side-opening shipping containers provide an easy yet affordable solution. Their larger side opening doors mean tasks such as processing invoices and on-site pay processing can be done in a safe mobile office. It also makes it possible to split them into several compartment using plastic dividers or wood panels, all of which can be used by different people.
  3. Transportation of bulky goods. Some goods, such as jet turbines, boat engines, and oversized generators cannot fit in shipping container if the common double doors are used. 20 foot side-opening shipping containers provide an effective solution for such large cargo. With these larger doors, forklifts and other handling equipment gains easier access into the shipping container.

Why they are different

Side opening shipping containers are modified containers that make it easier to access your goods and stored items via additional doors positioned on the side. They come standard in a 20 foot size, with a side opening 40 foot modified shipping container also available upon request.

20ft side opening shipping containers open up from the side of the container, allowing for wider and easier access, with one whole side of the container opening outwards via two doors. Something that makes loading and unloading significantly easier. Particularly if you’re stacking goods like boxes or crates with a forklift.

Whilst a side loading shipping container is certainly advantageous, it does mean that more space is required for the doors to open on the side, which is a consideration you will need to take into account if you are limited for external space. If this is not an issue however, then the easier access makes a side opening shipping container a viable and useful option for much quicker loading and unloading.

Who uses 20ft side-opening shipping containers

Due to the accessibility advantages 20ft side-opening shipping containers offer, the majority of uses fall in special cargo applications. Companies that transport large items such as jet turbines and oversized generators benefit from the side-opening functionality. On-site managers who do not desire to construct offices on site but still require safe office space use 20foot side-opening shipping containers as on-site office space. The large side opening doors make access for large groups of people to be attended to at once making activities such as on-site payment processing easier. The container can also be securely locked meaning security is not an issue.