The 40ft refrigerated container is perhaps the largest shipping solution available for customer and users who require large mobile refrigerated containers for their perishable goods. However, these large containers have other uses due to the refrigeration equipment and large size.

General uses

  1. Storage of perishables. Restaurants often need refrigerated containers during peak season when they need extra storage capacity. Grocery and food stores often require temporary cold storage during peak seasons as well. These refrigerated containers are ideal for businesses and companies with high and lows season. When you need to keep extra items cold during busy seasons, you can use your 40ft refrigerated shipping container and save money on having to expand your store or have a permanent cold storage room conducted.
  2. Overland handling and transportation of perishable goods. These refrigerated shipping containers allow you to transport and store anything that requires temperature control. For example, when you ship or store foods like meats, cheeses, dairy, flowers, fragile vegetables, seafood, you must have a refrigerated container so you can keep your items fresh.
  3. Off-site cold rooms. These containers are also often used on work sites like mining sites, construction sites, film sites, festival sites or other job sites; any portable refrigeration is needed. As large mobile cold rooms, they can keep food cold or help protect anything that is sensitive to temperature. Such large refrigerated containers are cost effective and easy alternatives to have an entire cold-room constructed and because they are portable, they can be used in a variety of different situations.

Why they are different

The 40ft refrigerated shipping containers are powered by 3 phase power supplies, and can be set to hold temperatures from -20ºC to +20ºC. These containers and can be pre-set at the desired temperature and delivered to the client within 24 – 48hours of setting up. Such refrigerated containers feature corrosion resistant Muffler Grade Stainless Steel exterior, a three coat paint system and smooth high grade Stainless Steel inner linings and aluminum scuff plates. The interior floor is an insulated base with aluminum “T” section floor rail and corrugation subfloor.

40ft refrigerated shipping containers provide the most technologically advanced temperature control solutions. They have precise temperature control and low power consumption. They require a power source or generator on the truck or ship to keep the container cool. At the dock, the container is plugged into the dock power supply and on the vehicle power comes from either its power supply or a power pack, which is run by a diesel generator.

People and Companies that use the 40ft refrigerated shipping container

Shipping and logistics companies dealing with perishable goods such as milk, cheese, flowers and meat products use the 20ft refrigerated shipping container to ensure their customer’s goods remain fresh while in transit. Event managers and film products crews use these smaller refrigerated shipping containers as cold rooms for their food products and beverages. Additionally, restaurants and ice cream vendors prefer them over dedicated cold rooms in preserving their consumer goods. These containers offer cheaper refrigeration services compares to actual cold rooms that are immobile, bulky, and expensive to both run and maintain.