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Buying a Shipping Container

There will always be a need to buy shipping containers, as they’re used for shipping by every single country in the world. And because of this it’s no surprise that at any given moment there are over 17 million shipping containers transporting goods and cargo all over the world, every single day. Originally designed to only transport goods by sea, the strong, versatile and portable features of shipping containers have lent themselves to all sorts of modifications which create uses never imagined when shipping containers were first designed, like general storage, offices, workshops and even homes.

Whether a storage container is needed at home for keeping extra furniture safe and secure, or a modified storage container is needed at the farm for handling chemicals and pesticides, Shipping Containers New Zealand can help point you in the right direction to find a shipping container perfect for your needs.

In a variety of new and used standard or modified 10′, 20′ & 40′ shipping containers for sale or hire, some re-sellers in New Zealand hold a large inventory of shipping containers at selected depots, and some order or trade with the ports – both are viable options when looking to get your own container. All new & used shipping container prices these days are extremely competitive and you want to make sure the in house quality control procedures ensures the shipping container you purchase is of the highest quality.

When you purchase a new shipping container from a reputable company, you should be guaranteed the highest standards, using the latest design and production techniques available. All new shipping containers should be independently inspected during and after production to guarantee maximum build quality. Some companies even have direct contracts with the shipping container factories in China, to have containers made, but keep in mind this doesn’t always mean a cheaper price.

Using a Shipping Container for Residential Use

There are so many different applications for shipping containers in residential use, including but not limited to storage sheds, garden or tool sheds, workshops, art studios, guest accommodation, home offices and so much more. You do have to consider things like the site accessibility, the footings required or the ground the container will sit on is flat – and also consider things such as council regulations, which differ from council to council. Shipping containers are an easy and cost effective way of extending or specializing your living or storage spaces.

Buying a Modified Shipping Container

If all you’re looking to do is store or transport goods, buying a shipping container of a standard size and shape makes a lot of sense – but what if your needs are a modified container? Who do you go to when you need a modified container to suit your business or personal requirements?

There are many companies in New Zealand that specialise in adding on smaller modification and also turning shipping containers into eye-catching offices or homes – you’re only limited by your imagination! Just check out our resellers page (and drop us a line so we can feature your project) if you have a great modification idea, for anything from a portable shop, exhibition place, workshop, office or retreat.