The 20ft high cube containers have similar features to 20 ft general purpose containers except for height. The additional headroom makes it ideal for transportation and storage of voluminous goods.

The other one foot makes 20 ft high cube containers transport bulkier goods not exceeding 28 tons. It also increases the internal space by 250 cubic metres of the 20 ft high cube containers when compared to 20 ft general purpose containers. The internal space capacity is 37.5 cubic feet. They are robust and secure due to the standards followed by the manufacturers. The 20 ft high cube containers are 6m in length, 2.4 m wide and 2.8 m height. The extra 305 mm height is what creates the extra head room. They have a gross weight of 30480 kg which is the same as the gross weight of the 20 ft general purpose container. Because of its weight limitation, it is wiser to ship bulky cargo at specific weights in small amounts. The 20 ft high cube containers are made of solid Corten steel which makes them waterproof and resistant to the harsh New Zealand weather. If you are lucky enough, you can get the option of choosing your ideal colour for the container. They are fitted with quality hinges. Lastly, they have a 28mm flooring system made of Plywood.

General Uses

The Corten steel material makes the 20 ft high cube containers very sturdy for great storage. The thick steel also makes the container impenetrable hence ideal for storing expensive and highly valued goods. Because of the quality hinges, the 20 ft high cube containers can be modified into secure locations. They are used as makeshift offices for field work. Research shows that many employers consider this type of office as the best for fieldwork employees and it maximizes their potential. The 350 cubic metres provides more room for shipping and transportation of bulky goods at a limited weight. Homes made from 20 ft high cube containers are coming up in New Zealand that requires minimal investments. Other additional modifications to 20 ft high cube containers are gun safes, cafes, furniture storage and flammable goods storage.

Why 20 ft high cube container is different

It is different from the 10 ft high cube container because it carries more weight and has more internal space. It is also distinct from the 20 ft general purpose container because of the extra one foot in height. As a result, high cube containers are sturdier and stronger than general purpose containers

Businesses/people that use them

Families and individuals purchase high cube containers to remove unused materials from the house and put them in the container. Start Ups use the 20 ft high cube containers as office spaces to avoid incurring costs which they can’t afford to pay. Many fashion bloggers with cloth lines in the New Zealand are using this option as a start for their business. Commercial container traders in New Zealand have set up storage units where you can store your things and pay for space.