Love the idea of a pool in their backyard? The price of installation is usually the problem, right? On average, a traditional swimming pool cost anywhere between $5000 and $45,000 (including the huge variety of swimming pool installations from above ground pools to in-ground pools) – but does not always cover the costs of excavating the ground or installing the decking.

The latest option on the market is the shipping container swimming pool. At only half the cost, a shipping container pool is a great alternative to traditional swimming pools.

The only modification required for a fully operating pool is removing the roof. From there, you can install your shipping container as you would install a traditional pool – depending on the style or type of pool you’re after. Shipping container swimming pools are incredibly versatile, fitted either above or in-ground and with a wide variety of sizes. From 10 to 40ft, you also have the option of how broad and deep want the pool to be.

Some companies also create your shipping container pool to your exact specifications. Want your dream swimming pool? It could possible include:

  • Regular pool filters
  • Pumps
  • Intake filters
  • Power supply (for the pumps)
  • Drainage
  • Water supply
  • Fixtures
  • Or even waterproof lining to guarantee a securely waterproof pool.

Made from durable steel materials built to withstand extreme weather, shipping containers are practical alternatives to the traditional pool. The containers importantly are more cost efficient and environmentally friendly with a range of other benefits.