When it comes to Shipping Containers, New Zealand are the best!

When it comes to container modifications and customization only your imaginations can stop you! Today containers have become more than just transportation vessels. People are now modifying these containers to meet new and creative needs.

Today people are modifying containers into:

  • Functional offices.
  • Extra storage units.
  • Portable ablution blocks.
  • Theatres and bistros.
  • Portable Container homes.
  • Hotels and cafes.
  • Portable laboratory.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Beautiful backyard patio.
  • Container gardens among others.
  • Among other innovative ideas – you can literally convert a container into anything out of your creativity.

There are a few important features that are usually added to make the container into inhabitable place. These modification features may be a simple as adding a side door or adding a window or even painting the container.

These modification features may also include:

  1. Plumbing and ablution,
  2. Installation of drawer’s or cabinets,
  3. Air conditioning,
  4. Adding shelves,
  5. Office fit-outs to improve the workspace.

Container modification may vary and only you can clear highlight the modification you would like. Most container modification companies offer the following modifications:

  • Additional entry doors – for ease of loading and unloading of items in a container some people may result to adding additional functional doors.
  • Security conditions – improving the container locking mechanism is a priority for most container owner who would like to store valuable items in it. A container is a very secure storage units as long as the locking system used is good enough.
  • Interior modifications – you can always change the interior condition of the container by adding insulation to control the temperature of the container.
  • Floor modifications – most container have just the wooden floors which can be easy modified to improve the container condition.
  • Container paint –this is one of the most common modification done on containers. New paint can greatly improve the appearance of the container and improve its value.
  • Adding windows or skylights – for people using container and would like to get more of the daylight into the container they add windows or a skylights. These modifications would ensure that lighter get into the container making it convenient for the people working in the container.

One of the more common container modifications is an electrical fit out, which can also include internet data cabling. Electrical fit outs are important to ensure people in the container office are able to access power for their devices, while if it is a workshop people working in the container are able to power up their equipment and get to work! Electrical fit outs in a container will transform the container 24/7 practical working environment. Fitting in power points and lighting fixtures can easily be done as per your unique specifications and requirements.

Adding electrical outfits allow you to improve on the container security systems that will ensure you can install better locks which will ensure all items in the container are protected. Electrical upgrades can also include:

  • Upgrading switch boards – this allows you to have the best electrical connections in the container.
  • Installation of a power surge or safety switches – this electrical modification will protect any electricity user in the container from having their equipment been damaged by a power surge.
  • Installation of emergency and exit lighting – emergency lighting can be used to warn people in the container in case of an emergency.
  • Electrical outfits will provide power for all office equipment including printers, computers and other equipment.
  • Overhead lighting. – This refers to mostly interior overhead lights that can be mounted on the top cover of the container. The lighting will mostly be provided by two florescent bulbs. A 20 ft. container two or three of these bulbs can be installed while a 40 ft. container can be install with 3 or 4 bulbs for quality lighting. Multiple switches can be installed and used to control the lights.
  • Porch lighting – this is an electrical modification that requires you to install light at the container door or window. This will ensure you can see all outlets of the container clearly even especially at night.
  • Power Points – these are the same power points you have in your home –that you can use to connect to power inside the container. The receptacles can be place anywhere on the sides of the container as per the owner’s needs.
  • Flood light – for anyone looking illuminate the exterior area of the container, then installing flood light should be a good idea. Some container modification companies can at time install this flood light with motion sensors which make them more efficient and saves on power.
  • LED lights – LED lights offer better options to provide lighting in a container that is not near a power point. The LED lights can be hooked to a battery and can provide enough lighting to seen items in the container clearly even when in a remote area.
  • For all your electrical modification it is important for you to have a professional electrician do it to avoid any risk of getting electrocuted.