Lunchrooms, or ‘crib rooms’, are a room where workers can prepare their meals during a work shift. Making a lunchroom from a shipping container makes the lunch room able to be temporary or fixed – and with the modifications that you can provide to shipping containers, your lunch room can have all the latest (or the minimal) mod-cons, such as:

  • kitchenette type service, including sinks, bench tops and spaces for a fridge, microwave and stove,
  • Air vents and/or Whirlybirds,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Electrical Fit outs including power outlets and phone and data connections,
  • Insulated panels,
  • Fixed tables and benches.

Typical applications for lunchrooms include:

  • Construction Sites
  • Events
  • Mobile Camps
  • Municipal offices
  • Mining Camps