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Hiring a Shipping Container vs Buying One

You really could use a container for your business, but it’s difficult to decide which is best–hiring a container or buying one. This article will break down the pros and cons of both, while highlighting comparisons that will help make it easier for you to decide. There are several factors to consider when weighing the decision to hire or buy, such as length of time you will be using the container, what you plan to use it for, if you plan to customize it for specialized use, and how often you will be relocating it.

How long will you be using the container?

The first thing to consider when deciding whether to hire or buy is the length of time you plan to use it. If you plan to use a container for more than a few months or you think you will need to hire one again in the near future, then consider buying one. The longer you hire a container, the more likely it is to get damaged. If you hire a container, you will have to pay for that damage, unless you purchase insurance for that purpose.

A great reason to hire

It’s easy to hire a container, use it for as long as you need, then have it picked up. You may also be able to write the hire off on your taxes. Also, you won’t have the extra storage space cluttering up your business or property. If you purchase container insurance, you will be pretty well worry-free too, but you’ll pay a premium for that peace of mind.

What will you be using it for?

How you plan to use the container and the kind of condition you estimate it will be in when you are ready to have it picked up should be carefully considered. If the container you hire is expected to return in the same condition as when you first hired it, hiring the container may be best. If however, you reasonably expect that the container is going to be at least a bit worse for the wear, then you may want to consider buying it instead.

Relocation Costs

Moving a hired container from one place to another can cost a lot of money. You may have a flat fee to pay plus so much per kilometer. This can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars, even for a relatively short haul. If you plan on moving the container often or over long distances, you may want to consider buying a container rather than hiring one.

What will be stored in it and how will you store it?

This is a really important question, because of the potential for damage to the inside walls and floor. Storing materials that aren’t prone to leaking or corroding metal surfaces won’t hurt a thing. However, if you plan to use it to store chemicals, fuels, lubricants, pesticides, fertilizer, or other substances known to pose a corrosion and/or contamination hazard, you may be better off buying a Dangerous Goods container instead. A little dust can be swept up, but chemical contamination of the container is a different thing entirely.

Planning on using some containers to haul scrap metal, demolition debris, or other solid waste? If you’re hiring a container, be sure to closely read the hiring contract to make sure you won’t be held liable for any minor damage that may occur during normal use. If you are required to buy insurance, and it is expensive, it may be better to just buy the containers you need and own them outright.