There are plenty of places that mobile shipping contains for accommodation makes sense. Due to the versatility of conversion, they can be set up for various functions.

Shipping container mining accommodation

When setting up accommodations at mining sites, shipping containers can be used for a variety of things.

  • Living –several units can be set up to house the miners in a bunkhouse style or as units of 3 bedrooms.
  • Office –an onsite office is easily made out of shipping containers for this purpose in mining camps.
  • Storage –storage is essential for food, tools, and many other things in mining camps and a shipping container can fill that need easily.

Medical and safety offices where workers can have minor injuries tended to immediately and get safety equipment repaired or replaced as needed without taking up a large area.

How shipping containers can be converted into accommodation

In a mining camp, several containers can be set up into a pattern that houses the miners with bedrooms, a few common areas, and a dining hall. Showers and laundry facilities can be set up in a different section of containers.

This will allow the miners many of the comforts of home while they are working in the mining camp. Another great aspect of using containers for accommodations is that they can be stacked which saves on space.

Think of a hotel when you picture mining camp shipping container accommodations.

Mobile shipping container accommodations

The idea of setting up living spaces with containers allows the space to be mobile. When the need for the space is no longer there they can be moved to the next camp; this allows a far less carbon footprint in the mining industry.

There are no abandoned buildings when the mining camp no longer needs all the workers; they simply move the living spaces to another area that needs them.

Hotels also have been using mobile shipping container accommodations when they need to add available rooms for large events, holidays, or tourist season. It is actually more cost effective to use the container accommodations than to add another wing that will set empty a percentage of the year.

Mining camps can save space by using containers for storage space as well. Things such as food, medical supplies, paperwork, tools, etc. can be stored in a container that has been customized with doors and cabinets to create the storage needed.

Advantage of shipping container accommodation units

There are several advantages to shipper container accommodation units.

  • More eco-friendly leaving fewer abandoned buildings
  • Space saving is a huge advantage when it comes to mining camps
  • Mobility allows units to be moved with the miners from one place to another as work need changes

The mobile shipping containers in accommodation make it easy to move from one camp to another while being more cost effective than building accommodations at each camp that will sit empty later on.

They can provide not only living space but office and storage space as well and still save space when stacked together.