A general purpose container is designed to carry all type of goods without protective gear, restraints so as to preserve the contents. For over 35 years, it has been the foundation of the freight industry for both domestic and international markets. Before the ISO standards and modifications came along, general purpose containers completely dominated the market. In fact, general purpose containers in New Zealand are still the primary choice for internal storage. In particular, the 10 ft general purpose containers are the ones that are mostly preferred by the locals.

Main features

The 10 ft general purpose shipping container is 3m tall and 2m wide. It has external and internal dimensions that make it sturdier. In addition to these dimensions, it has a gross mass weight of 10,160kg. A new 10 ft general purpose shipping container has all four corners and pockets polished for easy transportation. It is manufactured from Corten steel which makes it more resistant to chemical degradation. The flooring system is made of plywood which you can customize to your convenience and style. Most general purpose containers in New Zealand are converted into modifications such as garden sheds, flammable goods storage, cafes and gun safes. Accessories of the 10 ft general purpose shipping containers include:

  • Vents that can be fitted on the wall of your container to increase air flow
  • Certified New Zealand Electricians do electrical fit outs all around the container
  • Windows can be fitted on the container along with security bars and wire meshes
  • Air conditioning system can be installed to ensure maximum comfort
  • Painting can be done by professionals who deal with painting shipping containers
  • Whirl bird is a ventilation system fitted where electrical or air conditioning system is absent
  • Doors can be installed according to your style and purpose of the container
  • Security lock boxes are welded on to the fitted doors for privacy and security
  • Shelves can be mounted on the wall of the container
  • Insulation might be necessary especially if you are building a home

General uses

The 10 ft general purpose containers are mostly used for storage purposes in domestic and commercial areas. They are used to store unused household items such as books, clothes, electronics and shoes. Commercially, they are used as static storage units where people rent them out. The new containers are used for transport while the used ones are instrumental in building homes.

Why 10 ft general purpose container is different

The three varieties of general purpose containers differ from each other on a functional basis. This type of general purpose container is used for either transport (if new) or for static storage (if used).

Businesses that use them

General purpose containers in New Zealand are being used to solve the settlement crisis. Construction companies are offering their customers containers to build homes as alternatives to expensive housing schemes. With proper design and an expert, you can turn the 10 ft general purpose containers into a picturesque home with minimum budget.