High cube shipping containers share various characteristics with the general purpose containers. The only difference is the additional foot to the height of the high cube containers. In fact, the high cube containers are thought as general purpose containers with increased volume. In this case, the 10 ft high cube container is similar to the 10 ft general purpose container with increased capacity. It provides maximum storage while not occupying a lot of space. They are ideal for storing bulky items and shipping over height goods across the globe.

Main features

The additional height of the 10 ft high cube containers is responsible for the increase in internal space. They give you an extra foot in standing as compared to the standard shipping containers. This additional foot also makes it suitable for transportation of bulky cargo. The 10ft high cube containers are constructed using the high strength durable material. The material is Corten steel which makes it resistant to the harsh New Zealand weather conditions. This waterproof material also enhances the durability of these containers. The flooring system is made up of 28mm plywood which can be remodelled using another texture of wood. Despite having additional height, the 10 ft high cube containers have the same gross weight as the 10ft general purpose containers. Also, due to their sturdiness, 10 ft high cube containers are easy to transport.

General uses

10 ft high cube containers are used for domestic transportation. They also make great storage units for bulky goods. Families and individuals also use these containers to store their items. Extra shipment products, office documents, unused industrial goods are stored inside because you can easily access them. In New Zealand, 10 ft high cube containers have become quite popular for office and living spaces. Some people prefer building houses from these containers to avoid the burden of expensive mortgage and housing schemes. For businesses that usually conduct their work in the field in one location, makeshift offices can be built using the 10ft high cube containers. This makes the employees more active while performing their respective duties. This is because they have access to all the tools needed to the get the job done.

Why 10 ft high cube container is different

As previously mentioned, the only difference between the 10 ft high cube container and the 10ft general purpose container is the extra foot. This extra foot makes the 10ft high cube container more favourable to clients who want extra space.

Businesses which use them

Many businesses use 10 ft high cube containers for transportation of over height goods. These can be debris or the tools needed to perform heavy commercial work. Armies and Navy forces use containers when establishing a long-term camp in a particular region. Construction companies also use the 10 ft high cube containers to store the tools and machinery needed to complete the work. At home, many people now opt to invest in buying this container for storing useful documents if they have limited space in the house.