Most Shipping Container companies have close ties with container transport operators, so they can give you all the relevant information and guide you into using the best truck for whatever service you require. There are three main types of trucks used when delivering containers: Tilt Tray, Side Loaders and HIAB Trucks. Following is a breakdown of each type of truck:

Tilt Tray Truck

The Process of Delivery for a Tilt Tray often includes:

  1. The driver will assess the site to ensure the safety of all persons in the immediate vicinity.
  2. The tilt tray reverse’s up to the area you have prepared for the container. When stationary, the tray will lift up and slide back until the container back 2 corners are on the ground.
  3. Once the containers back 2 corners (on the ground) are baring the weight of the container, the tilt tray will drive forward (allowing the tray to slide out from underneath the container) leaving the container safely placed on the ground or footings.

Side Loader Truck

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The Process of Delivery for a Side Loader often includes:

  1. The driver will conduct a site inspection to make sure there is adequate space for him to safely unload the container.
  2. A side loader drives into position and then offloads to the driver’s side of the truck, the container once grounded will sit approximately 500mm from and parallel to the trailer.

HIAB Truck

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The Process of Delivery for a HIAB often includes:

  1. The driver will do a site inspection to understand where your container needs to be placed, and to make sure it will be safe to do so.
  2. The Hiab truck will drive into position, set down stabiliser arms and then pick up the container using chains with the crane arm. Your container will then be placed neatly in to position for you.
  3. These trucks are great if you need to get over a small fence or obstruction!