Auckland is a bustling city that has plenty to offer its citizens and visitors. If you have never been to Auckland you will find plenty of activities from golf to bungy jumping, beaches, water sports, shopping, and food.

We have many good schools, museums, swimming with the dolphins, the zoo, and do not forget the sky tower. With an excellent infrastructure, the city offers a great place to raise a family, find a career, and so much more.

auckland shipping containers

Shipping container life

You will find that in Auckland there are many businesses based on selling and renting shipping containers. They can be used for so many things besides shipping cargo to other cities or countries.

You will also find some container conversion businesses in which they will convert a shipping container into a home, office, workshop, storage, or more for those who wish to use this type of structure.

Shipping container homes in Auckland

You may have heard of these referred to as pod homes. They are a great way to recycle shipping containers and provide a structurally safe living space for you and your family.

Shipping container homes in Auckland provide all the usual amenities you would find in a home. The layout can include 1 or more bedrooms, family room, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as other rooms depending on how many containers you wish to use.

You will need a conversion done to put in doors, windows, and walls inside as well, in order to use these containers for a home, office, or shop.

Buy shipping containers in Auckland

There are many businesses that have shipping containers for sale here in Auckland. The containers can be bought fairly cheaply and be used for many things including storage.

Office space or a workshop is also another use of containers; some have even turned them into retail shops while others have made hydroponic gardening.

Due to their ability to be stacked or placed side by side to make a larger area, the possibilities of containers is endless.

Shipping containers for hire Auckland

You do not necessarily need to buy a container either, there are plenty of businesses that rent or hire containers to their customers. Renting a modified container can be cost effective for an onsite office for a mining company or other construction company.

It can also be cheaper to hire a container for storage of records or products during a peak time of year for your business.

Many of the container homes or businesses will have a unique look. However, that look does not have to be an industrial drab look. When done correctly they will fit into the community seamlessly while adding some diversity to the looks of the neighborhood.

These container style homes and businesses are less likely to be broken into than a normal stick-built structure. They will also handle stronger weather better. Auckland is a city not only diverse in its people but its home and businesses as well. A thriving metropolis that is constantly forward thinking about new ways to lessen their carbon footprint; and doing so by finding new ways to recycle large items into homes and businesses.