Home to a colony of blue penguins, Oamaru is a town located in the North Otago. The town folks have preserved their heritage for as long as the town’s existence. Moreover, the richness of culture has put the town on the map of New Zealand. Every year many festivals and events take place in Oamaru. Just like Alexander town, Oamaru town also prospered in gold mining in the 19th century.  Other attraction sites include the Harbour-Tyne Street, Victorian precinct, museum and Steampunk playground. Moving from the tourism in Oamaru, the shipping container trade is very much thriving. This is because of the increased modifications done to a shipping container.

Shipping containers in Oamaru are used for building portable accommodations because of the increase in mortgage and buying prices for houses. This move from traditional housing has got many shipping companies in the area very motivated to make the containers affordable and available. The uncertainty in the stability of the economy has made many town folks opt to build homes from shipping containers. The 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers are all used to build permanent and temporary houses. Construction companies have now incorporated container homes in Oamaru into their portfolio. Depending on the style and design you want, they can convert your creative idea into a reality.

oamaru New Zealand Shipping Containers

Shipping containers in Oamaru are also used for mobile offices. They are refurbished into well-suited office workspaces. The 20 ft and 40 ft high cube containers are mostly preferred due to the additional foot as compared to the general purpose containers. Doors and windows are fitted fully to the height and width of the container so that one has easy access to it. Accessories such as security locking systems are also installed to enhance the safety of the stored documents, tools and machinery.

Shipping containers in Oamaru are also used for storing worksite amenities. For businesses and companies who already have offices and most of their work is in outdoors, shipping containers provide a lasting solution. They are converted into makeshift offices where the employees will have access to all the resources required to complete the job. This, in turn, works in favour of the employer as the employees become more proactive and motivated.

Oamaru has grown into one of the cores of the shipping industry in New Zealand. The intensity of transportation of shipping containers is notable. As a result, container traders in Oamaru provide services such as buy, hire, lifting with forklifts or cranes and transportation using trailers. If the purpose of the shipping container is temporary, used containers are mostly hired. New Zealand is committed to making the town better by improving the lifestyle of the people and investors. The new policy of sharing container shipments is certainly be appreciated by those in the business of shipping containers. From this, the conclusion is that when in Oamaru and search of a shipping container, you are sure to get one that fulfils your needs, i.e., business, home, storage, etc.