If you are looking for versatility, offshore half height containers are the best choice. They are designed and built for conducting various offshore activities. Just like pallet and ISO tank containers, they are built to international standards. Offshore half height containers are sometimes referred to as toolboxes because they share many features. As a toolkit, they are used to move cargo from one location to another without much effort. However, the standards used to build these containers are far much exacting than the ones used in making toolboxes.

The offshore half height containers must comply with ISO 1161 specifications of corner fittings. This makes them easy and safe to lift. Failure to adhere to these standards causes reshipment of containers at many ports because they won’t be able to lift them. The lifting and moving are usually done using forklifts or gantry crane without tilting or tipping. A lot of attention is paid to the material used to build the offshore half height container. In most cases, the offshore half height container is made of metal alloys. In addition to having these certifications, offshore half height containers must have a DNV 2.7-1 and EN  12079 certificates.  Once the container has fulfilled these three standards, it can be safely and efficiently shipped to you. Manufacturing of a half height container is also controlled by the specifications provided by the customers. For the manufacturers, the main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Main features

The offshore half height containers have a side door which can be used for loading or unloading. However, they can also be unloaded and loaded from the top. The sizes of an offshore half height container are 20 feet and 40 feet. These two models have different external and interior dimensions. Accessories used for half height containers include steel bars, cables and tarpaulins. These accessories ensure that the cargo to be carried is secured and covered.

General Uses

Offshore half height containers are used for storage and transportation of various heavy goods. They also act as tow trucks which move vehicles along the road. These tanks are also used in providing affordable accommodation for many people in Australia. As an offshore container, it is used as a storage unit to store items for example rods, pipes and tools. Finally, these tanks can be used to store grains, waste products and other debris.

Why half height containers are different

The notable difference between offshore half height containers and other standard containers is they do not have to be replaced as often. The standard regulations and the regular inspections make them viable and safe to use.

Businesses that use half height shipping containers

If you are looking to store a large number of goods which are over-height, the half height shipping container is the ideal solution. These goods can include but are not limited to pipes, tools and equipment.  Businesses that manufacture such products are part of the supply and demand chain of these shipping containers.