Shipping Container homes are becoming more and more commonplace now when it comes to the average person being able to construct their own – and with our without the help of an architect, they are often very stylish and well put together. Shipping Containers New Zealand have put together a variety of different homes from around the world as examples and ideas for shipping container homes.

The most stylish container homes on the high end market, tend to satisfy the highest quality at the better price and a lot quicker completion time compared to conventional building. Most houses are completely lined internally and externally making 3 layers all walls to produce an extremely high insulation value along with extreme strength. They’re also usually custom designed and built within your special requirements.

An industrial look and feel with top end luxury fittings and finishes definitely tops a lot of lists on what looks trendy in container houses. Most containers for these houses get completed in factories and delivered to site and installed. Try to be particular in what you require to get a stylish, quality home, but remember to try and push the boundaries on what’s possible with container construction.