The century has seen the shipping container become very popular its ease in transportation on land, sea and train. Today containers use have become more diversified rather than the basic shipping purpose. Hiring a shipping container is recommended only when your need for a container are short-term otherwise it would be more economical to buy a container if you will be using it for a long time.

Why should you hire a container?

  • Ease of items transport – for anyone relocating from one place to another hiring a container would be a great way to do it. A container will provide you with enough space for you to pack all our items. A container made of strong metal that would guarantee minimal damage to the items.
  • Looking for extra on-site storage? Hiring a container would be a great way to acquire the extra storage space your business needs. A container will provide you with the space you need and a container is easy to secure and protect the items, plus a good container is required to be watertight meaning you should be sure there will be no water damage to the items in the container.
  • Temporary storage – are you renovating your home and have to place to store your items while the renovations are made? While hiring a container would be a great idea. You could store all items by hiring big enough container this would guarantee none of your items are damaged.
  • Save money on construction – containers can easily be modified and converted to meet your unique needs at a cheaper price. For anyone who would like to put up extra rooms for short-term use. You could easily hiring a container that has been fully modified to be a home.
  • Hiring a container will save you from having to pay maintenance cost. The owner of the container will have to cater for all the repairs and maintenance cost, you just have to choose the container that meets all your requirements and once you are done with it, the owner comes and collects it.
  • Budge tally restriction – if you need a container but your budget cannot allow you to buy one, you always take up the easer option of hiring a container. This will be much cheaper and the hired container will serve all your needs.
  • Hiring a container will save you from the worry of how to dispose the container once it has served its purpose. Hired container is picked up by the owner once you decide you no longer have any use for it.
  • You should choose to hire a container if you need use a number of different types and sizes of containers. Hiring a container means get to choose the type and size of the container that best meets your different need at different times.
  • Flexibility – hiring a container gives you the option to change container as often as you can afford to. Unlike owing a container, when hiring a container you can easily change the container as many time as possible to identify the one that best meets your unique needs.
  • Convenience – if you can hire a container on a moment’s notice. Hire a container when you need one which can be an easy process unlike having to buy a new container that will take time to be made and delivered.
  • Need new short term workshops and offices? Hire a container that has been modified to well-equipped offices or workshops. This will definitely be cheap than constructing new offices that you might not need after sometime.

Types of Shipping Containers available for Hire:

There are 3 main types of containers that are easily available for hire globally:

  1. The general purpose containers – these mostly refer to containers whose primary purpose is to be used to transport or store dry goods from one location to another.
  2. Refrigerated or insulates containers – these refer to containers uniquely designed to keep the temperature in the container low for refrigerated containers( this type of container is good for anyone looking to ship perishable goods that require low temperatures to stay fresh like flower or fruits). Insulated container are designed and built guarantee the internal temperatures of the container remain the same and unaffected by the changes in weather and temperature outside of the container.
  3. High cube containers – these containers are built wider and taller than normal containers. They allow you to ship bigger and heavier cargo.

Most of these containers are available in either 20 foot or 40 foot sizes.

Most containers are hires on 3 month minimum contracts but you can keep the container for as long as you need and once the container has served its purpose you just call the owner to come pick it up.

If you know might be using the container for long period of time we recommend you consider buying a container which will prove to be more economical in the long run.

Are there any restriction to hiring a container?

No, however some areas have regulation that might not permit you to have a container on your property. It is also recommended that you ensure the area you choose to have the container you are hiring delivered is easily accessible.

Hiring a shipping container today can easily be done with a simple phone call, we however recommend you visit the port and inspect the container quality in person to ensure you pay for a container that will be useful to you and in a good condition. This will guarantee your item are not damaged on transit and are delivered 100% in the same condition they were packed.