In our very own Dunedin, stars The Orokonui Ecosanctuary – protecting the surrounding habitat from any intrusions and sustaining the regions plants and animals. And – the visitors centre is built from all local materials and shipping containers!

Proving that shipping containers blend beautifully in any situation, Dunedin based firm ‘Architectural Ecology’ designed the centre to respond to the local climate while protecting those from the rain and sun alike with enormous sloped rooftops, which also help serve for rainwater collecting and waste water processing. While enabling endangered species to find homes, it also protects the native animals and plants, and the centre was built to add to the surroundings but have minimal impact by the low profiles, colours used and materials used – like recycled shipping containers.

While even the windows have been used in a way to enhance the area – angled so they reduce reflection and therefore minimising bird strikes, the shipping containers have once again been used in a natural setting to provide the structural stability the building needs, all the while being modified by way of external painting to easily assimilate into the natural surrounds. They fit in quite well with the other materials used, like local wood found on site and at local nature preserves, especially with the help of wooden screens. Why not go and check the fantastic local fauna next time you’re in Dunedin!

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